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Motts Sauna

An unforgettable coastal wellness experience in the heart of southeast Cornwall.

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We offer the simple but proven wellness experience of sauna and, if it takes your fancy, wild swimming in the beautiful surroundings of a wooded coastal location in southeast Cornwall.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring with me? Please bring suitable swimwear, a bottle of water to stay hydrated and towel to sit on in the sauna. Bring an extra towel if you plan to swim in the lake.

When should I arrive? Please aim to arrive 30 minutes before your sauna session is due to start, leaving yourself plenty of time to park and walk down to the AquaPark lawn, fill up your water bottle and get changed. If the AquaPark car park is full at busy times, please find somewhere else on site to park.

Are there any risks to having a sauna? We advise you consult your doctor before using a sauna if: -You're pregnant -You've had a heart attack or stroke -You're taking any medications -You have cardiovascular conditions and/or problems -You have epilepsy -You have asthma or breathing conditions -High or low blood pressure -If you have arterial disease -If you have joint or muscle injury

Can I book the sauna for a private session? Yes, exclusive use for your party of up to ten is available, offered at the special price of £135 for an hour session.

What are the health and well-being benefits of using a sauna? -reduces stress and makes you feel good due to increased endorphins -improves cardiac health. -improves brain health -improves recovery after exercise -detoxifying and good for the skin -improves sleep -boosts immunity When sauna is coupled with cold water immersion, a swim or dunk in the sea or river or a cold shower, the feelings of well being and the benefits to health are amplified. Magic!

What’s your cancellation policy? do you offer refunds? Life happens! If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please email with your booking details. We’ll do what we can to reschedule your session to meet your needs. Refunds will be provided for cancellation if at least 24 hours’ notice is provided. If you do not show up for your session, you won’t be refunded. Our staff are empowered to refuse entry to those deemed to be a health and safety risk due to intoxication. In such cases, refunds will not be provided. If we have to cancel your booking, we will of course notify you by email and provide a full refund.

Where can I get changed? There are a few changing cubicles available on site though please note these are heavily used by Adrenalin Quarry customers. We encourage you to treat your visit a bit like going to the beach and prepare accordingly.

“Five stars. It's in my top 5 saunas ever."


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Having been a community nurse, a social entrepenurer and a mum of three, I've learnt the value of taking a bit of time out to look after yourself every now and then. I'm passionate about helping people boost their wellbeing in this beautiful part of the world, whether you're here on holiday or call it home. 

Jessie Sneyd, Motts Sauna Host

A bit about me

Finding us


We are located within...

Mount Edgecombe House and Country Park, Cremyll, Torpoint, PL10 1HZ


Opening hours

+44 (0) 7510 138595

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